Welcoming Esthetician and Waxing Specialist, Pangie, to the MH Salon team!

Things around MH Salon are smoother than ever as we welcome esthetician and waxing specialist, Pangie Skrine, to our salon team! With a passion and license spanning over a decade, Pangie Skrine began her journey in esthetics at the Atlanta Institute of Esthetics in 2006. After graduation, she received hands-on training performing complex medical procedures in a five-star medical spa, quickly realizing that her passions spanned the spectrum from chemical peels to waxing.

Intro Waxing Rates:

Lash Tint: $20

Brow Tint: $15

Brow Wax: $15

Lip Wax: $8

Chin: $8

Brazilian: $30

Bikini: $20

Underarm: $10




We sat down with Pangie to get answers to some of her clients’ most commonly asked questions about waxing. 

MH Salon: What areas are most important to avoid with a razor?

Pangie: Ideally, you can avoid shaving all together but it’s especially important avoid shaving your under arms, bikini and face. In addition to not irritating these sensitive areas the way a razor can, waxing works to exfoliate the skin and remove the hair from the root, eventually thinning the hair shaft from its source.

MH Salon: How much downtime do people need from a waxing appointment?
Pangie: You shouldn’t need much downtime at all. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may be a little red for an hour or so but if it’s done correctly and hygienically, you‘ll be ready for anything from the beach to a night out on the town well within 24 hours.

MH Salon: How long can you expect waxing to last?
Pangie: The results from a waxing appointment should last two to four weeks. For many people, shaving is an everyday thing but for with waxing, you just come in every three to four weeks and are done with it!

MH Salon: How long does the hair need to be?
Pangie: I tell client’s that about the length of a grain of rice is perfect. At that length, the wax can effectively grab the hair and remove it from its root.

MH Salon: Is there any advice you’d like to give people who are getting waxed for the first time?

Pangie: It’s common for people to come in a little shy for their first waxing appointment but quickly they realize they have nothing to worry about. After doing this for a decade, there’s nothing you can bring to my waxing table that I haven’t seen a hundred times. It’s also of utmost important to me that I create an environment of trust and transparency for my clients. I’d rather a person know exactly what to expect than sugarcoat anything. Next to the cleanliness of my space, tools and wax, my clients’ trust is the most important thing to me. 



Pangie will be offering skin and waxing services on Mondays, Wednesday from 4pm-close, Fridays and Saturdays. Call (404) 261-8036 to book your appointment with her today!