Stylist Spotlight: Nabat Kheteb

It is with great excitement that we introduce the newest stylist to hit the floor at MH Salon- Nabat Kheteb! Born and raised in Atl, Nabat attended The Paul Mitchell School Atlanta in 2013 and started working at MH Salon a few months after graduating. She’s learned the ins-and-outs of MH Salon’s unique methodologies and is now ready to shine on her own as a stylist.

We sat down with the fresh talent to learn a little more about the girl behind the shears.


MH Salon: What drew you to MH Salon?
Nabat: While I was in school, I assisted Scott Cole, who owns the Paul Mitchell School Atlanta, and he raved about Maria Heckscher Salon. As I approached graduation, it was at the forefront of my mind. I met Maria and her team and that sealed the deal!  I immediately feel in love with the eco-conscious environment, as well as the constant continuing education that stylists are provided here. I knew it was the one for me and it’s been a whirlwind of learning and growth from that point.


MH Salon: What trend would you like to see more of this fall?
Nabat: I love the rich, bold reds and auburns of fall, with lots of dimension created by highlights or lowlights and a textured cut. I tell clients that if you can get away with it at your workplace and in your lifestyle, go ahead and have fun with bold colors.

MH Salon: Is there a hair trend that you can’t wait to see disappear?
Nabat: Not a big fan of the man-bun. There are very few guys that can pull this off but they are few and far between.

MH Salon: What are some of your favorite hair treatments/ techniques and why?
Nabat: I’m pretty obsessed with the entire Brazilian Blowout line. It addresses many hair issues but frizz is front-and-center, which most people deal with at some point. From the conditioners and volumizing powder to the thermal straightening balm, which you put on to protect your hair before going in the pool, I see a vast improvement in the condition and appearance hair with this line.

MH Salon: Do you have a current celebrity hair crush?
Nabat: I do but first I’d like to put the disclaimer out there that… while I’m not a fan at all, I’ve got to give hair credit where it’s due- Kylie Jenner. From blue ombre to platinum blond, from waist-length to a short bob, the girl isn’t afraid to try virtually anything and pulls it off. As a stylist, that’s always fun to watch.

MH Salon: If there’s one piece of advice you can give your clients for styling their hair at home, what would it be?
Nabat: For clients that might not feel 100% confident styling their own hair, there’s a product called Full Again by Kevin Murphy. It’s a favorite among my clients that want that smooth, voluminous look of a blowout in half the time.

Nabat is currently booking appointments from 10am-7pm, Wednesday through Saturday and is offering 40% off all her hair services through September 30, 2016. To make an appointment with her or any of our other stylists, call (404) 261-8036.

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